Korugan VM

  • Firewall

    Feel the power of Korugan stateful packet inspection firewall acting as the first tier of protection for your network.

  • VPN

    Securely connect your clients to your HQ or easily create site-to-site connections!

  • IPS

    IPS Secure your network against intrusion based attacks with 24x7 updated IPS signatures.

  • HotSpot

    Secure your Wi-Fi zone with builtin Korugan captive portal.

  • QoS

    Easily shape your traffic bandwith, get the best out of your network.

  • Containerization

    Stop unknown files to infect your network, real zero day protection with patent-pending Comodo Technology!

  • URL Filtering

    Real time updated, millions of websites with more than 70 categories

  • Advanced Threat Protection

    Choose between Single and Cloud Scan options for your web and e-mail traffic.Add a cloud-based behavior analysis mechanism for ultimate protection!

  • Application Filtering

    Thousands of continously update signature database is here to provide application level control over your network.

  • Korugan Log Collector

    Full visibility on your network provided along with all the reporting and monitoring capabilities you need!